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Ballymun Read and Write

Pictured here is the Ballymun Read and Write Group on their recent visit to the Dáil. Great to see such a big group involved in such a fantastic project and I hope all enjoyed the tour!   Read More

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Latest Dublin Traffic Counts Mask Real Traffic Problems

This week Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority published the latest Canal Cordon survey. This is a traffic count of how many people travel into the City on a given weekday and which form of transport they are using. The Canal Counts are one of the few pieces of reliable traffic data on how people make their journeys in Dublin in the Read More

National Issues

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The Foolhardy Sale of Aer Lingus

Dáil Speech on the Sale of the Government share in Aer Lingus...   The Government's handling of the IAG takeover of Aer Lingus is a shambles.   It has been characterised by spin and a complete disregard for accountability, truthfulness and the political process.   Aer Lingus has become a Read More

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Why I’m in favour of the Marriage Equality Referendum

On May 22nd, a referendum will be put to the Irish people to accept or reject the following change to our Constitution: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex” Essentially, this referendum asks Irish voters if they wish to allow Read More