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Huge Increases in Local Hospital Waiting lists

Waiting lists at each of the four main Northside hospitals skyrocketed in the past year according to figures released this week by the National Treatment Purchase Fund. The figures show that Between February last year and February this year Beaumont Hospital's waiting list grew by 23%, Cappagh was up 58%, Mater was up 40% and James Connolly Memorial was up 20%. The total now Read More

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Axing of Ballymun-Whitehall Partnership is another nail in the coffin of local community services

The decision this week to axe Ballymun-Whitehall Partnership is an outright attack on local communities. Following a tender competition, the contract for services has been awarded to the Tolka Area Partnership. Ballymun-Whitehall Partnership has been a key driver of progress before and since the Ballymun regeneration project. It provides absolutely vital services to Ballymun, Santry, Whitehall and parts of Ballygall and has underpinned a Read More

National Issues

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Why I’m in favour of the Marriage Equality Referendum

On May 22nd, a referendum will be put to the Irish people to accept or reject the following change to our Constitution: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex” Essentially, this referendum asks Irish voters if they wish to allow Read More

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The Government’s plan for Water Charges – Does it stack up?

Photo Credit: Nic McPhee (flickr) Licence: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/   One of the outstanding questions yet to be answered by the Government is just how much it will cost to run the overall water charging scheme, including collecting charges and paying grants - and if these costs render the whole project unviable. A member Read More