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Budget 2013 Newsletter


Budget 2013 was an anti-family Budget.

The combination of increased PRSI, Child Benefit cuts, and the new Property Tax will mean that a typical family will lose more than €1,000 in net income this year. The way in which the property tax, in particular, will operate is entirely unfair on Dublin residents.

But the worst part is that the Budget could have been so much fairer. All of these harsh measures are being taken while other measures that would raise hundreds of millions are being postponed or ignored. The taxation of very high incomes (€321m) or the ending of over-generous pension arrangements for the wealthy (€250m), if adopted, could have spread the pain a lot more fairly and have eased the burden on those who are genuinely struggling to survive.

The Government has a duty to deal with our huge national debt problem and that inevitably means more tax and/or less services for everyone in our country. There is simply no way around that. But the Government also has a duty to be fair to its citizens, and it is failing miserably in this respect

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