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Water Charges – How things currently stand

The introduction of water charges has been an absolute shambles. Instead of recognising this and halting the introduction of the charges in the Budget, the Government has done yet another u-turn and decided to introduce a series of reduced charges.


The new water charges are as follows:


For a single adult a standard charge of €160 has been set.

For households with two or more adults a standard charge of €260 has been set.


A €100 so-called “conservation grant” is available for eligible people (from September 2015) who register with Irish Water.  You can register on www.water.ie or by returning a revised application form which is available on www.water.ie or by phone (1890 448 448) up to 2nd February.  PPS numbers are no longer required when registering.


The charges apply regardless of the number of children in the home and regardless of how much water is actually used. If you have a meter and your usage is lower than the standard charge then you can get a rebate.


The charges start from Jan 1st 2015 with the first bills now due to arrive in the first week of April but, given the shambles that has been made of this issue, it would not be surprising at all if there were further changes before then. It is an almighty mess, there is little confidence in Irish Water, and the charges should just be abandoned at this stage.