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Plans for Metro and Bus services

The Government recently announced funding for transport projects including those in north Dublin.


The plan now is to proceed with a scaled-down Metro North project linking Swords, the airport and Ballymun to the City Centre.


The plan is to have a tunnel from the City Centre to Ballymun Road with a portal on Ballymun Road somewhere between Griffith Avenue and Collins Avenue (the exact location has yet to be confirmed).  From here, trams would run at surface level through Ballymun. There would be a stop to serve Northwood and trams would run on an elevated line over the M50.  There would be a new station, called Dardistown, north of the M50.


The proposal to run trams at surface on Ballymun Road is a very significant change to previous Metro proposals, where the plans were to tunnel past Ballymun. This plan is very likely to have serious consequences for traffic tailbacks on Collins Avenue and Santry Avenue. It is very difficult to see how the project can be delivered without more tunnelling than is currently planned for. Yet this has not yet been built into the costs. This announcement has all the hallmarks of a pre-election gimmick.


Meanwhile, plans for a new enhanced bus service, Bus Rapid Transit, appear to have been shelved as no funding was provided. The Swords to City Centre BRT was to serve the airport, old airport road, Coolock Lane and Santry on its way into town.


So we have been left with a promise of a Metro line that won’t be built until 2026/27, if even then, with effectively no plan for enhanced public transport services in the meantime. It’s a mess.


Photo Credit: Daniel Dudek Corrigan