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Minister Coveney must intervene to stop sneaky hike in waste charges

Press Statement issued in relation to extensive Bin Charge Hikes :

Minister Coveney must intervene to stop sneaky hike in waste charges

Social Democrats TD, Róisín Shortall has called on Minister Simon Coveney to urgently intervene to stop waste charge companies exploiting new bin charge rules.
There is significant  evidence that some waste companies are using the new waste charge rules to introduce massive increases in charges for certain customer categories. 

In one example, customers of  Greyhound recycling are facing an extra €80-€100 per year for their service charge – that’s before they pay for any bins at all. These customers, mainly older people, use their bins less frequently than almost all other customers. Yet now it seems they will be facing the biggest hike in prices under the new regime. It is very much contrary to the “polluter pays principle” – the very principle that the new charging regime is supposed to be promoting.

In another case, Thorntons in Meath and Kildare are introducing a new “service fee” of €2 per week which will more than double standing charges from the current registration fee of €50 per year – again these charges come in before any bins are actually used.

In other cases, customers with Citybins in Dublin, who already have weight readings as part of their bills, tell us that charges will increase by over 30% as a result of the new charges. The new charges for brown bins are having a particularly bad effect.

New regulations to change to pay-by-weight were signed by then Minister, Alan Kelly, in January of this year. At the time he heralded it as a saving for 87% of customers. This is proving to be far from reality. Nothing has been done to prevent waste companies hiking up service charges so customers are being fleeced.

The new Minister, Simon Coveney, must produce new regulations which strictly limit the amounts waste companies can charge for service charges. In advance of these, he should call the waste companies in and signal clearly to them that the level of charges is completely unacceptable.


Image Credit: David Lombardia (Flickr)