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Grave concerns for local community in Ballymun after shooting today

Róisín Shortall, TD for Ballymun and co-leader of the Social Democrats, expressed her horror at this afternoon’s shooting incident in Ballymun and at the shocking loss of life. She voiced her grave concerns about the impact on the local community in Ballymun.

Róisín Shortall said:

“This afternoons gun attack in Ballymun where two people lost their lives and a number of other people were seriously injured has been met with shock by the local community who are terrified that recent tensions within the area will now escalate further and spill over into their communities.

“Today’s events are shocking and a huge disappointment to the many community leaders and residents in Ballymun who are building a peaceful community in which families can rear their children in safety, older people can feel secure in their homes and people can go about their ordinary business without fear.

“The horrific incident is a chilling reminder of the extent of gangland crime on Dublin’s streets, much of it drug fuelled.

“It is also a serious setback to local Gardaí who have been doing their best to contain this kind of activity. There’s no doubt that the situation has not been helped by a reduced complement of Gardai over recent years. It is vitally important now that whatever resources are required are immediately provided in order that the people responsible for this atrocity are brought to justice.

“The incident should act as a wakeup call to the Government that gangland crime in Dublin remains prevalent and wreaks havoc across the city and in many local communities. It is crucial to invest in adequate policing and it is also crucial to invest in and to sustain investment in building safe and strong communities across the city.”