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The Government’s plan for Water Charges – Does it stack up?

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Photo Credit: Nic McPhee (flickr) Licence: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/   One of the outstanding questions yet to be answered by the Government is just how much it will cost to run the overall water charging scheme, including collecting charges and paying grants – and if these costs render the whole project unviable. A member of the public contacted me over the weekend, and produced the following figures. It is truly shocking that our Government Read More

Dáil Reply on Bank Bonuses 4/11/2014

Dáil Reply on Bank Bonuses 4/11/2014   QUESTION NO:  306 DÁIL QUESTION addressed to the Minister for Finance (Deputy Michael Noonan) by Deputy Róisín Shortall for WRITTEN ANSWER on 04/11/2014 To ask the Minister for Finance the amount of revenue raised and the number of persons through the imposition of a 45% USC rate on bank bonuses with a breakdown by year. REPLY. Section 531AAD of the Taxes Consolidation Act Read More

Budget 2015 – The more you earn, the more you gain

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Budget 2015 was yet another regressive Budget where the richer sections of our society gained much more than those on low and middle incomes.   Here are just some examples of how Budget 2015 will operate in practice….   Maura compared to Laura   Maura Maura is in part-time work on a salary of €9,000. Maura gains nothing from the Budget – counting water charges she will be worse off in 2015. Read More

Local Property Tax reduced for 2015

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Following a vote by local Councillors in Dublin City Council and in Fingal Co. Council, the Local Property Tax will be reduced by 15% in 2015. Below are the new LPT rates that will apply. Valuation band (based on 2013 valuations) € Current LPT for a full year (€) 2015 LPT (€) 0 – 100,000 90 76.5 100,001 – 150,000 225 191.25 150,001 – 200,000 315 267.75 200,001 – 250,000 405 Read More

82% of income earners would not benefit from reduction in higher rate of income tax

Dáil reply on Thursday, 17 July, 2014   REPLY. I am informed by the Revenue Commissioners that, estimated by reference to 2014 incomes, around 856,000 (39%) income earners are exempt from income tax:   75,700 self-employed income earners are exempt from Income Tax, this represents 35% of self-employed income earners and 3% of all income earners.   780,300 PAYE income earners are exempt from Income Tax, this represents 40% of Read More

Speech on Universal Health Insurance

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Dáil Speech on Universal Health Insurance 17/4/2014   The White Paper is utterly unconvincing. It is a White Paper in name only and perhaps by virtue of the fact that it is printed on white paper. That is all that makes it a White Paper. A White Paper is supposed to be preceded by a Green Paper which sets out the broad thrust of an approach to a particular issue. Read More

Charging for Water

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The following article appeared in the Irish Daily Mirror on 24th February, 2014 Charging for Water Nothing shows up the basic dishonesty of Irish politics more than the approach to water charges.   Half the country is being dug up at present to install water meters, yet we still don’t know how much the Government intends to charge us.   And of course the reason we don’t know is because Read More

Budget Changes Mean Thousands of New Workers Will Pay Higher Income Tax in 2015

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Budget changes affecting the medical card entitlement of people who have recently returned to work will mean that thousands of new workers will pay higher taxes – on top of losing their medical card. Under Medical Card rules, medical card holders are allowed to retain their card for three years if they have rejoined the workforce from long-term unemployment. On Budget day, it was announced by the Minister for Health Read More

Dáil Speech: High End Pensions Protected despite Budget Promises – Golden Circle of Government Wins Again

Dáil Speech on Finance (No. 2) Bill, 2013 – High End Pensions Protected despite Budget Promises – Golden Circle of Government Wins Again In last year’s budget speech, Minister Noonan said: “I want to clarify the Government’s policy: “Tax relief on pension contributions will only serve to subsidise pension schemes that deliver income of up to €60,000 p.a. This will take effect from 1st January 2014….” “… The Pension Levy…will Read More

Dáil Reply: 4,000 parents drawn into tax net as a result of Budget changes for separated parents

4,000 parents drawn into tax net as a result of Budget changes for separated parents – A further 5,500 extra people will now pay tax at the higher rate from the same set of measures A reply to a Dáil question provided to me yesterday evening shows the true extent of the impact of the tax changes affecting separated parents. 3,980 people previously outside the income tax net will now Read More